Giving Something Back

When you sign up to a series of coaching sessions or workshops with me I donate 1% of my fees to a charity or non-profit working on social or environmental impact projects.

In 2024 my charity partner is Practical Action. Practical Action is an international development group, building sustainable lives and livelihoods with people on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. Practical Action was founded in 1966 by Fritz Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful, and was then called the Intermediate Technology Development Group. 

Together with communities and our global partners, we’re developing unexpected, real-world solutions to create sustainable lives and livelihoods on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. Turning surviving into thriving. Overcoming injustice, especially for women and vulnerable groups.

We believe societies and economies can work for the benefit of all. That we can live within the planet’s means. That innovation and cooperation can conquer any challenge.

Practical Action

I believe that stability, love and a well rounded education are the basis that we all must have to set us up for a healthy, happy life. There is a great deal of inequality around us, but if we all give a little of our own abundant resources (be that energy, skills, time, enthusiasm or money) then we can help to level the ground for all.

Lucy Bramley