Coaching Services

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching Sessions are offered in blocks of 6 x 1 hour sessions. Ideally we would meet face to face, but video conference is an option bearing in mind geographical location, personal preference and carbon footprint concerns. Abundant Thinking HQ is in Ringwood on the Hampshire and Dorset border.

6 sessions over video conference or within 30 miles of Ringwood are available for £1,500

The tools that Lucy shared with me have been invaluable. The ability to discover things about myself, and then discuss them, have created some extremely useful changes for me.

One of the things that surprised me about our coaching sessions was how they weren’t focused on career in a one dimensional way. Doing well in work is part of a much bigger journey of looking after me, my rest, interests, broader wellbeing and connection to the world.

I would recommend coaching sessions with Lucy to anyone who is looking for more out of their life. Those that realise that we are living in a disconnected way, and that being happy and healthy comes from connecting to nature and ourselves. Also anyone or teams that just want to take a step back and learn about themselves to make some changes.

Ingrid, Global Director of Alliances at Ogilvy

Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions are available to cover a variety of topics including Brain Fitness Techniques; Understanding and Counteracting Mental Saboteurs; Awareness and Understanding of Values; Awareness and Understanding of Strengths.

2.5 hour sessions tailored to your group or team are available from £750. The best thing to do though is to get in touch so that we can talk about what you want and need.

We were very pleased when Lucy Bramley took our group of 6 aspiring leaders through an exercise of self-awareness. It opened our eyes to the aspects that I definitely had previously thought as strengths but can see now how they can become hindrances when not checked at the door. Lucy provided an insightful and engaging experience, drawing from her knowledge but also from her personal stories which were very good to bring the concepts to life. Having known Lucy as an excellent manager at Microsoft, she has a lot of value to share. Most importantly, Lucy closed the session off by ensuring we had tips and ways of keeping our hindrances at bay with simple mindfulness practices and questions to ask that allow us to pause and reflect, which all make for a better leader. This is definitely a worthwhile session for people who want to discover more about themselves, and Lucy is a great facilitator to have this journey with.

David, Senior Technical Strategist at Microsoft

Just Want a Chat?

You might not be sure what you would get out of 1-1 coaching, or what kind of group session might be just what your team need at the moment. 

That sounds like a great excuse for us to have a conversation!

Please do click on the button below and drop an email across. We can have a 30 minute discovery chat, get to know each other a little and talk through your needs and wants.